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Logan Long

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Logan Long is a true bespectacled, mild-mannered nerd with a secret identity. Off set, this laid-back guy lives a chilled-out lifestyle and adores action movies, British books, and hipster craft beers. But when the cameras are rolling, Logan becomes a strong, dominant male pornstar who gives some of the sexiest women in the world the deep, hard fucking they crave! Logan doesn't need a phone booth when it's time to change into his alter-ego. He just has to whip off his glasses (along with the rest of his clothes), and before you know it, his cock gets hard as steel! And a very impressive cock it is, too! Logan has a dick so massive, it's proven to be too much for some ladies. No wonder this stud has so many threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes--Logan is no stranger to group sex, both on film and in his private life, and he's got what it takes to satisfy as many women as he can fit on a bed in a single bound!

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