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Like the moon that adorns her arm as a tattoo, Riley Roman is ever-changing but always beautiful. This petite and bouncy Asian-American babe is sweet and innocent one minute, seductive the next. But no matter how she might change from day to day, this beauty will always draw you to her as inexorably as the moon pulls the ocean tides! The more you're around this babe, the more your attraction to her will grow like the waxing moon. Riley's gorgeous face, slender body, and perky tits are enticing by the light of day, but she's absolutely stunning when dressed only in silvery moonlight, especially when this babe gives you a naughty grin before turning around to show you a full moon! This tiny nympho loves to fuck until the moon sets, before doing it all again every night of the month. Riley may be changeable, but her fans agree that their attraction to this Asian babe will never wane!

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